Toddler Grace and Courtesy "The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others."

Grace and Courtesy

This may look like a fun play activity for two little toddlers, but lets look at all the things that are being developed. The tea pot and items necessary for pouring tea were on the shelf. They had to set it all out and fill the pot with tea (water) then invite someone to join. Tea was poured without spilling, then sipped so expertly. There was cordial conversation between the children as well. After the party is over, the dishes must be cleaned, dried and put back on the shelf.

The Vital things for development that are accomplished here.

1. Learning a sequential order of how to do an activity.

2. Developing the coordination for this activity.

3. Completing the activity.

4. Putting away in good conditions.

5. Look at the opportunity for independence.

6. The opportunity for self direction by being able to choose what a child would enjoy.

7. There must be self discipline for the activity to be accomplished successfully.

8. The toddlers have An opportunity for conversation, the social development.

9. Having fun while all these skills are being developed.

Grace and Courtesy - Manners are such an important skill for a person to have. They are a “Forgotten Subject” in education of today's times. While in Montessori Grace and Courtesy (Manners) are vital skills as well as the future means for successful relationship with other people. (Which, as we all know, often has more influence than how intelligent someone is.)