Primary Practical Life "A lesson in the practical side of life."

Primary Practical Life
(Learning the things necessary for the Practical side of life)

Here we see the child preparing food. This four year old is engaged in an important life skill. The simple act of cutting and serving an apple teaches the child so much.

1. First of all, the activity took about 35 minutes to complete. (WOW) Look at the development of CONCENTRATION. Who could believe a 4 year old could stay with an activity that long? Once concentration is developed, it is extended to other endeavors. Even to a seven or an eight year old, staying with a math problem sometimes for several days until completion.

2. The CONFIDENCE this affords a child will continue into other areas. He has completed successfully something that has been enjoyed by his friends. He has done something nice for people. (How do you feel when you do something nice for someone?)

3. INDEPENDENCE is gained by knowing you can do things by yourself. Learning to prepare your own food is carried on at each level in Montessori. It is a great part of learning independence.

4. Again, we see here the SELF DIRECTION that is required to complete this activity

5. The child must develop SELF DISCIPLINE in order to carry this out to completion.

6. The SOCIAL education that is learned though good manners goes a long ways in life. Here he has made his friends happy by offering them a treat. Learning the proper way of offering someone something and then how to gracefully accept or refuse is very important.


This little activity, which is so Non-technical offers a world of opportunity for the child’s development in many, many areas. We must not forget the “Needs of Life”. Learning these life skills does so much for the development of a child’s education. The confidence developed in interacting with others in this simple ways helps the children work collaboratively in academic settings later.