Welcome to the Elementary Program 


 A Montessori Elementary program is unlike any other program. For over 100 years, this program has provided children the opportunity to develop great academic success, a creative mind, and a social awareness which is far beyond the norm. 

It enables children to quickly abstract concepts and leaves them with the most cherished goal within education- 

"the overwhelming quest for knowledge."

Have a quick look, then come see for yourself the potential available. 



Our language program uses manipulative materials to create a rich sensorial experience. Children engage in meaningful reading and effective writing. All parts of speech are utilized. Vocabulary enrichment is of great importance. Children also have many opportunities for public speaking. 

 Effective reading, writing and speaking is a composite of many language skills. Children analyze letters, sound -digraphs, words, diphthongs and meanings. They read for understanding. They write and speak with confidence. 

 Since reading is dependent on knowing what words mean; we study the eight parts of speech in depth. Children within our program are able to analyze and construct complex sentences with ease.  


Here is our ultimate goal. Children find reading pleasurable and informational. Effective readers and writers are sure to achieve academic success. 


Math (a continuum approach)

Continuing the use of hands on material that helps children develop a deep understanding of advanced mathematics

A continuance of our base 10 (decimal system) with counting quantities, along with the association of the numerical symbol.

1000 chain.JPG

Next with linear counting......Going from one to infinity.

Moving further into operations of math that include, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are completed with solid manipulative's; before moving into an abstract understanding. 


 Algebraic operations are solved and understood with the use of combining both concrete and abstract forms of thinking. 


Offering a sensorial experience with fractions enables the child to understand, "Invert divisor and multiply."  


Early discovery of geometry leads to the understanding of the Pythagorean theorem and beyond.