Prerequisite Admission Requirements

Toddler/Primary One

  • Must be able to listen to an adult and respond

  • Somewhat able to follow simple directions

  • Learn respect for others

  • Beginning potty training


Primary Two

  • Being able to articulate needs and wants

  • Sit in groups

  • Listen to adults

  • Respect Others

  • Obey playground/classroom rules

  • Follow directions

  • Begin responsibility for themselves

  • Chose work and stay with it until complete

  • Fully potty trained


New first level Elementary Students entering Montessori

•   Students must exhibit independent care of self.

•   Student should be able to clean up after them self.

•   Student should know full name, parent names, address and parent phone number.

•   Students must be able to work independently on a chosen task for ten to fifteen minutes.

•   Students should recognize and have a working knowledge of the twenty-six individual alphabet sounds.

•   Student should be able to blend at least ten three letter words.

•   Student should recognize at last ten to fifteen sight words

•   Student should be able to count to fifty and recognize number to numeral relationship to twenty.

*Additional requirements for advanced levels (Call to speak with an elementary staff member for more information.)