The Cultural Studies within Elementary

The wide span of information represented by Cultural subjects are the means by which children discover their love of learning and a "Passion for knowledge."



The fascinating study of history begins with a young child's personal history and eventually (elementary school age) into the study of the earth and life. 


Physical Science

The study of what things are made of as well as what there purpose. Our elementary students enjoy many experiments.




Our younger children begin this with the basic understanding of science and the love for animals. Our older students further those studies and begin a deeper understanding for botany and biology and the importance it plays for life. 


Geography allows the child to understand the world and their relationship to other geographical areas. The Montessori way of  teaching is an organized and sequential method that prevents typical confusion of geography.  

Art and music

Creativity is embraced within Montessori. The child begins with developing an understanding of what it means to be creative and has mastered the tools needed to achieve creativity. Once children arrive at a knowledge for expressive thought, a mechanical skill is developed and the creative thoughts can prosper. 

Children entering the Elementary program have a love of singing that was established early on. Within our primary program we have taught the child to recognize sound pitch, clarity, and rhythms. This further leads them into their studies of writing, reading, and playing within the Elementary years. This can lead a child to pursuing music for themselves outside of the classroom.