Why Montessori?

Five Attributes unique to Montessori 

  1. Independence, the most important skill, is the key to future success. The ability to conduct one’s self with confidence in a meaningful, productive fashion begins in childhood.

2.  Decision making, a life skill that begins in early childhood with small choices. Small successful choices help children discern outcomes that will set the stage for positive success in future life decisions.


3. A positive work ethic instilled at a young age creates an adult who will be a fulfilled, accomplished individual.

4. A social education that focusses on community, manners and kindness in the care of all living things foster a good citizen.


5. Learning how to learn The first four attributes are required for this to take place. Learning how to learn, loving learning unencumbered by extraneously imposed numerical values results in an academic education that reaches far beyond grades and levels.

Hendersonville Montessori Academy is unique. The goal of our Montessori program and curriculum is for all lessons to have life skills imbedded within them, skills that will be useful in the future careers and life.