Toddler/Primary One

Our program begins at age 2.5, which we refer to as, "The Year of the Unconscious Learner."

Young children see everything, copy everything, and take in everything around them.  They absorb the world and learn faster than at any other time in their lives.  This is also the time in which you will watch your child transition from the unconscious learner to the experimental and sensorial learner. They learn through the movement of the hands and so much work within the classroom is completed using this learning style.

“Through the hand the intellect is born” 

We welcome you to come see for yourself.....

  • The Early Language developments that our toddlers accomplish

  • The early Work Habits that create a sense of order

  • The Independence that toddlers naturally have will aid them throughout the rest of their lives

  • The Personal Care they love at this age

Montessori education builds confidence and self-control in the child