The Elementary Program

The students proceed in learning at their own pace; nothing can hold them back in a classroom full of  exciting things to explore and encourage them. Freeing children to learn is one of the wonderful characteristics of HMA.

Language in the Elementary Class

  •  Processes for meaningful reading and effective writing
  • Learning and utilizing all parts of speech
  • In depth vocabulary enrichment
  • Many opportunities for public speaking. 

Math in the Elementary Class

  • Continuing the use of hands on material that helps children develop a deep understanding of advanced mathematics
  • Based on scientific child development

The Cultural Subjects:

  • Science comes alive with real world experiments and demonstrations in physical, biological, and chemical sciences
  • Study of the Earth through histroical, ecological, political, and geological prisms that give children a rich understanding
  • Children learn to respect the Earth, all living creatures and the Earth itself
  • Cooperation and respect are the cornerstone of Montessori

Children excel when you give them: 

  • A reason to learn
  • A reason to read
  • A reason to set goals
  • A reason to challenge

Montessori education builds confidence and self-control in the child

Being welcomed to the Elementary program